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Emily Gallops Graphic Design Memphis

I am the owner of Emkat Design, providing graphic design services and custom signage. The name Emkat comes from my first and middle names, Emily Katherine. My family called me Emkat when I was a little girl. I have always been interested in typography. Even when I was in middle school, I told people that I wanted to make fonts when I grew up. 

After finishing college with a graphic design degree, I wasn't sure how to implement this dream until I was working in a restaurant in New Orleans. An artist came in a wrote a beer list on the wall, drew a beer mug, and some bubbles so quickly and beautifully! I immediately asked her if I could help her as an apprentice and she could teach me her skills as an artist and business owner. I ended up working as her studio and design assistant for two years, learning hand lettering along with other entrepreneurial skills that I use everyday now building my own business. After learning and growing in New Orleans, I moved back to my hometown of Memphis, Tennessee and started  Emkat Design.

I am also the creator of the Phone of the Spirit community project, a phone booth for public use a symbol of communication with lost loved ones. The community can visit the phone booth any time to say things left unsaid to lost loved ones. Our mission is to help people who are grieving the loss of loved ones from accidental overdose and other tragic circumstances.

I am currently looking for new projects that will expand and challenge my skills as a designer. I love image and color in all fields, constantly absorbing information from new experiences and new people.